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Speaking of thanks

Thank you to Boris - for getting my laszlo SoundBlox object working here.

We're gonna do one for Barlow now.


- Marc

December 22, 2003 | Permalink


Very cool idea. I love it!

Posted by: Shawn Honnick at Dec 23, 2003 9:24:21 AM

Hey can you post how you added the player.. It looks pretty straight forward, but if there are any lessons learned that would be great..


Posted by: Todd at Dec 24, 2003 8:35:28 AM

Anyone interested in adding a SoundBlox to their own blog or web page should check out:


Everything is explained there. Enjoy!

Posted by: Lyndon at Dec 24, 2003 11:21:07 AM

My pleasure Marc!!

Posted by: Boris at Dec 25, 2003 9:10:30 AM

We might be interested actually... we're adding a blogging feature to update our spring break content and news. Soundblox might be perfect. Thats located at http://travelingparty.com/spring-break/

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