Aryeh graduates from 8th grade

My3SonsMy eldest son graduated from 8th grade last week. He's on his way to yet anotehr Jewish school - this time called JCHS (the new SF Jewish High School.)

He's teh one in the lime green tux. His twin brothers Jacob (L) and Aron (R) got to wear fedoras and brims as well.

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I just saw a bunch fo spam in my comments. I guess this is why TypeKey exists. Huh?

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OK - here we go

It's time to connect my on-line persona into obne comprehensive entity - even though it exist - on all sorts of different systems, tools and portals - throughoutthe WWW.

MyYahoo is the oldest account I have - dating back to 1997ish.

Then my TypePad account.

My Tribe self.

MyAlwaysOn Network self.

My Ecademy account

My ODDPost email account

My 1Up persona

and maybe even, Venture Collective, Midentity or tons of others.

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Barlow blog goes live with SoundBlox

Thanks to Boris - we now have a major a-list blogger spouting off Laszlo SoundBlox droplets.


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Barlow jukebox almost done!

Ok - so this is it. Lydon has promised me that SoundBlox will be stable - so I can then give this Barlow jukebox to Boris and.......

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Speaking of thanks

Thank you to Boris - for getting my laszlo SoundBlox object working here.

We're gonna do one for Barlow now.


- Marc

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Thanks Robert

Thanks Robert for the notification.

I now know that everyone knows my situation. Its pure hell - being off of blogging, but that's life.

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It's true, it's true, it's true

I do look kind of blue,
perhaps it's that tint,
your photoshop filter game me,
or that glaring look - as you peered out from behind those sunglasses.

Blue used to mean sad,
or sexy or glad,
or some sort of Shakespearean saga,
that ill fated lovers had.

But I've got the tool,
that makes me want to fool,
all those who expose,
those dirty old prose,
and equip my arsenal with my nose.

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Yo yo baby yo

It's the beginning of the show,
no time to rock or mo
fo fun we're here,
with a fine dark beer
it's off to work we go

Take the handle off your spindle,
as you walk on through the door.
I'm raging till I sleep right now,
I such a lazy whore

But you'll start to know me now
round a quarter after four
you'll take with you, a brew hoo foo
away - ha hah - don't sow

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